I'm like you Michael. I have a very large stockile of Azo, but it is mostly the Canadian Grade 2 Azo in 8x10. I have a couple boxes of the Old Rochester Grade 2 (god, I hope the grade 2 Lodima is close to this paper) and a couple boxes of Grade 3 Canadian Azo. My problem is that since 2005, I have added 7x17 to my formats. While I have been able to acquire a few boxes of 20x24 grade 3 and two boxes of the old Rochester grade 2 in 20x24, I am far short of a lifetime supply of paper large enough to print 7x17 negatives. If we as a community don't support this effort then we have no one to blame but ourselves. So I took an inventory of what I had on hand and placed an order for what I believe will be more than a lifetime supply of Lodima in 8x20 and a couple boxes in 8x10. There are many factors that could make this a once in a lifetime opportunity and since Lodima is expected to keep for many, many years (as opposed to the much shorter shelf life of most other papers) I decided that I should take advantage of this offer while it lasted.

Many thanks to all who support this effort.