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I have two box of Azo in 8x10 grade 2 and 3 Canadian, and as jgjbowen I added a 8x20 camera, so the problem with me is to take pictures and don't print my 8x20,because I didn't find box of 20x24 Azo paper. Now I'm very happy to Lodima, and I've just put my order in 8x10 and 8x20 big enough,even if I'm seriously thinking to increase my order.

Bravo Stefano!

I am also a fellow 8x20 shooter. In addition to making your purchase we also need to encourage our fellow LF shooters see the possibilities with Lodima. Spending even a few minutes with a fellow photographer can have a very positive effect if they pass it along. The continuation of Lodima is not a given unless M&P get sufficient interest in the form of orders.