I agree we are approaching the infinite and useless level of discussion, but I have one last shot from my end. Muriatic acid from the hardware store is usually about 37% dilution. I don't consider that dilute and I don't want it in my darkroom. I speak from experience that it is more hazardous to use and store than oxalic acid. Being a liquid, HCl is all to easy to spill and the airborne vapors from an HCl spill dwarf the hazard from oxalic acid powder in my opinion.

You said: "I don't like the idea of "if the best do it, it's OK for me too" kind line of thought,"

Ummmm, me either!! Did I say I was "the best" or do things the way "the best" do? I'm just passing on my experiences having printed pt/pd for nearly 20 years now.

I haven't coated pt/pd with a glass rod since I found the Richeson 9010 brushes many years ago.

I'm not taking this personally and I appreciate your kind words about my work. Like you, I am just presenting my thoughts on the "right" way to do this.