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Are you a regular reader, or perhaps a subscriber? I have been the former for a long time, the latter for a decade. "I understand that..." conveys that you are neither. If you were, then you'd know that News Corp's purchase of the WSJ was not the apocalyptic victory for the VRWC* portrayed by outlets on the short-wavelength end of the ideological spectrum. The paper remains a staunch proponent of the unarguable virtues of freer trade and markets, smaller government, and individual liberty.

*Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Mike, I am sorry you took offense to my opionion of the "new" WSJ.
For the record, the WSJ is delivered to my house every morning and has been for the past year year or so. Yes, I am a subscriber. Prior to becoming a subscriber, I used to pick it up at a news stand about two or three times a week. I regularily read the first section pretty thoroughly and skim the others.