A few years ago, I traded some MF gear for a used F5 and got seriously ripped off by Nicolas in Camden and I would just love to see the store go out of business.

I am sickened that anyone can defend their actions as it is tantamount to theft. Being a cheeky chappy from Camden who's entitled to rip you off if you let them is not legally defensible. In the UK, as with most civilised consumer-oriented countries, there is legislation to protect us from the likes of Nicolas and they should, in my opinion, be subjected to serious scrutiny and prosecution for any wrong-doing.

If you look at the advertisement in Amateur Photographer (and you believe that they actually hold all the stock shown) you'll see that the prices are way above what similar equipment is advertised in other stores. I recommend you buy from ANYONE else. Ffordes, Mifsuds, Mr Cad, MXV are all very helpful and, in my experience, advertise and sell at a fair price.

If I am ever tempted back into that store (Nicolas), it will be whilst accompanied by a representative of the local Trading Standards team to ensure that either (a) I am treated fairly or (b) action is taken to prevent them fleecing the unsuspected.

Here's hoping they get what they deserve, sooner rather than later.