Hi Ian
First....I agree a 75mm is going to be no problem. However, many of us use 150/180mm, depth of field becomes a significant issue. Also many are using 240mm -400mm. A rangefinder with a depth of field scale becomes very important. For you the Goarsi is no problem, and I'm sure it could also survive a fall from off a cliff like a Fotoman. I'm not knocking the camera, what kills the deal is the lack of a good scale on the helical mount.

Second, often in nature your shooting at closer distances (hyperfocal is useless).....you need the exact depth of field range. Again, not a big issue with 75mm (there is so much room to play), but try that with a 150mm lens. I shot some wildlife at 18ft @f/8 (this time with 90mm Nikkor/8 )....and I was able to determine my depth of field instantly on the helical ring (for any f/stop) giving me 14-26ft (I knew I was safe). Your 75mm is not much different from a 90mm and would give you 13-40ft. Other then a 75mm lens, you can see where everyone else would be in trouble with longer focal lengths. Every pano camera from Linhof/Horseman/Fuji/Fotoman has the depth of field scale. I find it odd that Goaersi would waste ink putting writing on the bottom of their camera, but could not add a few numbers to the helical ring which would have made a big improvement. They got to be nuts! This feature is why I bought a pano camera (offering speed and convenience for tallship photography, wildlife, and other scenes requiring fast set up ....tables are too SLOW). By offering a rangefinder for the Fotoman that mounts directly to the camera closed the deal. It is so useful. Considering the other options (linhof/Horseman).....I would gladly have paid 2x more, and still it would have cost 1/3 that of a Linhof.

These DOF values can be verified at http://www.punitsinha.com/resource/d...alculator.html using Circle of Confusion of .058 (std used by Fotoman, which is a fairly stiff standard allowing sharp prints to 40inches). For a few hundred more the Fotoman is a far more useful camera.