I talked to my ISP about it, since it happens on another website (the CBC) as well. They gave me a speed test to try a few times a day, then I'm to call them back. When I first get on to APUG, it's fast. Then over the next hour it will slow to a crawl. I tried the speed test when I first got onto APUG (when it was fast) and then again after it slowed right down, and the result was the same - 106/107 kb/s download speed on the test. This is not as fast as the ISP expects (they say it should be a minimum of 130). I'm on a satellite service and have a wireless router by the way. My computer is a 2 year old Sony Vaio laptop.
If this happened on all websites I'd have no hesitation in blaming the ISP, but it doesn't.
I mark my posts as read every day, and restarting the router doesn't help.
I downloaded a network meter a week or so ago, and it averages way slower speeds than the speed test showed. APUG and the CBC just hang up for long periods and a message at the bottom of the screen says "waiting for APUG" or "transmitting" - which it isn't, according to the network meter. Pushing the refresh button works for a few seconds.
I have to call the ISP back tomorrow, but I'm sure they're going to say it's not their problem. Probably not APUG's either, which means I'm just venting.