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The Chamonix has received great reviews from those who bought them. The down side is a long lead time to order as there is not stocking distributor here in the US.
Actually, there is. My company, Really Big Cameras, is a Chamonix dealer (and an APUG sponsor) and I have the 045n-1 in stock.

However, the Chamonix 045n-1 doesn't meet all of Brad's requirements (actually, I don't know of any camera that does).


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Does anybody know of a 4x5 field camera that...

1) weighs less than 4 pounds
Check. The Chamonix 045n-1 weighs between 3.0 and 3.2 lbs. depending on type of wood and bellows selected. A carbon fiber bed, wood body and anodized aluminum hardware keep the weight to a minimum without sacrificing rigidity.

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2) uses technika style lens boards
Check. The Chamonix 045n-1 uses Technika style boards - some inexpensive Chinese-made boards sold on eBay are too thick to properly fit the Chamonix Cameras. Some newer genuine Linhof boards are also a bit too thick. The older Linhof boards I've tried fit fine. Wista boards fit fine, and generic boards available from Badger Graphic, Midwest Photo Exchange and (of course) Really Big Cameras are available that properly fit the Chamonix camera.

For the lens to be centered on the ground glass when the front standard is in the neutral position, center drilled lensboards are recommended. However, off-center drilled boards (like Linhof and Wista) can also be used with slight adjustment of the front rise/fall to center the lens.

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3) has front rise/fall
Check. 45mm direct front rise, 30mm direct front fall.

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4) front axis and base tilt (tilts must lock down independent of rise/fall)
The Chamonix 045n-1 does not have front base tilt. Axis tilt only on the front standard. Also, one set of knobs locks both front rise and tilt. However, there are "defeatable detents" that prevent introducing any unwanted tilt when adjusting the front rise/fall.

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5) front swing (optional)
Check - and front shift.

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6) rear base and axis tilt
Rear base tilt only. No rear axis tilt.

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...so far it is easy....
...here is where it gets difficult...

7) triple extension
I suppose it all depends on how you define triple extension. The Chamonix design, based on the Phillips 4x5 (with Dick' blessing) is different than conventional 4x5 field cameras. The stock camera has a total extension of 395mm. This is enough extension to use 14"/360mm lens for general purpose (non-macro) applications - or a 500mm telephoto such as the Nikkor 500mm T-ED. Most double extension 4x5 field cameras have about 300mm of extension. Chamonix also offers an optional carbon fiber bed extender that allows using a 450mm lens, like the 450mm f12.5 Fujinon C on the 045n-1.

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8) removable bellows
Check. The default camera comes with the standard bellows. However, for a nominal fee, it an also be ordered with the optional universal bellows. I highly recommend the universal bellows as it makes the camera more usable with wide angle lenses - and still offers the same maximum extension as the standard bellows. An optional bag bellows is also available, but unless you shoot with REALLY wide lenses and a roll film back, the universal bellows should be sufficient for most 4x5 wide angle use.

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9) rear focussing
Nope. Front focus only. The front standard is focused using a lead screw that is driven by a single knob located at the back of the camera below the rear standard (like the Phillips cameras).

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10) front standard moves forward back to accomodate focal length
Check. Both the front and rear standard on the Chamonix can be moved forward or back to accommodate a wide variety of focal lengths.

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I explicitly do NOT want Rear rise/fall or shift
Check. The Chamonix 045n-1 does not have any rear rise/fall or shift. Like the Phillips design on which it is based, the goal is to provide the best combination of light weight and maximum rigidity. To meet this goal, unnecessary, superfluous features have been eliminated.

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