There are some easy answers for processing 70mm in jobo tanks. I used standard jobo reels and spaced them apart for the correct width. My spacer was a fuji 35mm plastic canister the film comes in, it's the perfect diameter for spacing the reels. I cut the male end off the spool off, hot glued the fuji canister on then trimmed it to the right length and glued it to the other half. The reel works the same as original but has 70mm spacing. Been using one regularly for 6 or 7 years with no problems. Took about 20 minutes to modify the reel. I also have a longer reel that takes about 8 feet of film (I think, have to check). This is based around the xray reels you can get cheaply, someone already posted the seller earlier. This fits in the 2500 tank. I also have another based on the xray reel that takes about 13 feet of film, I think I used this in a print drum. I have a good supply of film because I had Forte do a run when they were still in business. I offered some here a couple of years back but no one was interested.