Kerry, thank you so much for your response, a lot of the things that you said are what I had expected, but I didn't feel confident enough to say them as if they were fact. I will more than likely end up making digital c-prints with these negs, so the contrast and saturation issues will be somewhat correctable, but I prefer to get it right the first time and not have to rely on photoshop. Plus, a set of 8x10 color contacts might be a really nice thing to make at some point, and in that case I have to have it right in the neg, more or less.

I had wondered about the Sironar-S in this focal length. I use the 135 version of it on my 4x5 and it is truly an incredible lens. I'm not sure how much the weight increases at 240, but if it is not a ridiculous amount I would really love to try and track down a used one. My budget won't be outrageously high, but my plan was definitely to use the money from the sold lenses plus a bit more to purchase the new one. If it turns out I can't afford one, does anyone have any experience with the Sironar-N? I would obviously lose a bit of coverage and sharpness, but just to throw another option out there.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the suggestions. I will look in to all of them, and if anyone has any more I would appreciate them. It will be another month or so until I actually plan on purchasing anything, so this is just research time.