clay nz,

Where did you buy the xray reel from that fits in the JOBO 2500 tanks? Does it have to be modified to fit on the plastic spindle that is the light trap inside tank? The JOBO 120 reel you modified, how do you load it? If you had to glue it together how does it rachet back and forth to advance the film onto the reel? Thankyou for bringing these ideas to light. I have always wanted to do 70mm film in my Jobo tanks but thought the only way was to find the very rare 70mm reel from jobo. I have a lot of 70mm in the freezer as well E6, C-41 and B&W but would like some fresh Ilford. I even devised a 70mm film slitter so I could slit some of my 70mm film down to 120 and re-roll it with used backing paper from KOdak 120 film. I works great, especially for those hard to find emulsions like Kodak IR aerial film.