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Will the Fujinon A f9.0 cover 8X10 adequately for you? If so it is extremely sharp and much lighter and less expensive than Symmar etc? Also, I think the coating from different manufacturers gives a very slightly different color cast. I have always understood it was good to stay with one brand if matching color from one photograph to the next is a requirement. This is being pretty picky but for some uses could be a problem.
The 240mm f9 Fujinon A is a great lens that I recommend for 4x5 or 5x7 use, but I don't think the coverage is sufficient for general purpose 8x10 use.

My experience with the Fujinon A series is that they are sharp up to their 70 degree rated coverage, but go soft REALLY fast after that. Their circles of illumination exceed the rated 70 degrees by quite a bit (the 180mm comes real close to illuminating an 8x10 negative all the way to the corners), but unlike some other lenses of similar design (G Claron, Germinar-W), they go real soft real fast beyond the rated image circle.

For this reason, I do not recommend the 240mm f9 Fujinon A for 8x10 use. If weight is a concern, the 240mm f9 Germinar-W is a much better choice. If weight isn't a concern, as previously mentioned, the 240mm APO Sironar-S would be my first choice, but any of the multicoated 240mm f5.6 plasmats made in the last 30 years would be better than the 240mm Fujinon A.

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