Based on these posts, I'm going to try to use under-the-lens filters instead of putting priority on finding a color head. My enlarger does not have provisions for filters so there is no filter drawer or anything else of that type. However, there is an arm next to the lens with a holder that flips into the light path. That holder has a red filter in it which is designed to be removable. It would be possible to place a filter on top of that surface.

Is that the recommended approach? Or should I search for something more secure. I see the rectangular trays that might be adapted to go onto the same arm as the red filter and the Ilford filter holder that attaches to the lens. It appears to be hard to get the Ilford holder without buying it as part of a kit that includes the filters. That is not a problem though as I currently have an inexpensive set of 3" x 3" cut gelatin filters so buying the kit is fine by me.

I would try what I have with the red filter holder to see if it works for me but the project of building a base/work bench for the enlarger is taking longer than expected and I need to mail order almost everything. Thank you for the excellent advice.