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Is there any chance that you have the paper in upside down (i.e. with emulsion side down, rather than up)? The emulsion side is a bit more "shiny" when observed (briefly) under safelight, at a slight angle.

Alternatively, is there a problem with your Patterson proof printer? Does it have foam, and is it in good enough shape to ensure that when the glass is lowered, there is good firm contact between the negatives (in sleeves) and the emulsion side of the paper?

You should standardise on one developing time that is near the mid range for the developer and paper you use, and then adjust the f/stop and time of exposure to get the results you want. I usually try for something like a 10 second exposure time. It seems to me that if you are having to use f/2.8 then something isn't normal.

Have fun!


PS - I usually contact print through the sleeves too. When you say the contact prints are really blurry, are you saying that details like the frame numbers are blurry, or is it just the image details themselves?
Hi Matt,

I thought the same! That I had used the wrong side of the paper too! Then I thought that I hadn't placed the paper or negs in the right direction. So I switched and that didn't do any good either. The Patterson is completely new and there is firm contact between the paper and the negs. The images themselves are blurry. By that I can make out the image but it is not sharp at all and in fact are so crappy that the contact sheet itself isn't worth what I made it for to begin with, it is pretty useless in its current form. Also, I noticed that the frame numbers are there and other times the numbers are black. So far as the 10 sec. exposure I am using Fomaspeed which should be 'faster' is it really possible to get anything good from an exposure time of anything less than 10, at least to start out with?

Thanks so much!

p.s. I chose the f/2.8 because the book that I am using, said to open the lens to its largest aperture. I will try changing that though. I assume that this is the correct bulb for the enlarger, to provide a nice light source and the lens is absolutely beautiful.