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..., but one must recognize that the dichroic head produces a print with substantial differences in print asthetics. ...
Well, I don't think so, but you are correct as long as you're talking about the very same negative. Different light-source designs have different degrees of diffusion. A condenser produces more contrast than a diffusion enlarger. But, as long as the negative is developed for that situation, both enlargers produce two identical prints on the same paper with the same developer and filtration.

I develop my negatives to a gamma of 0.57 for my dichroic head. If I had to switch to a condenser, I would just develop the negative to a lower gamma.

Interestingly enough, micro contrast is indeed different between the two enlarger types, hence the scratch and dust surpression characteristics of diffusion enlargers, and the apparently increased sharpness with condensers, but that difference is minor and does not affect print esthetics in my opinion.