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I use the Fuji 240 A F9 for my 8x10 and coverage is tight. With a little rise I'm out of coverage real quick. It is a great lens though. Light and very sharp. I took this image in Yosemite with the lens stopped down to f-90. This upload is kind of small but you should see the print! This is a carbon transfer print.


Very nice image. I did not mean to imply that the 240mm Fujinon A was not usable on 8x10. It is. However, the coverage is quite tight. It's certainly a nice lens to have in the bag for an occasional 8x10 shot. However, the original poster was asking about recommendations for a 240mm as his ONLY 8x10 lens. That is the reason I recommended the 240mm APO Sironar-S with it's larger usable image circle.

And while it's not a compact, ultralight lens, the 240mm APO Sironar-S isn't that big and heavy ( a little over 2 lbs. with an 86mm front filter size) for an 8x10 lens - especially since the OP would be carrying only this one lens.

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