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Very nice image. I did not mean to imply that the 240mm Fujinon A was not usable on 8x10. It is. However, the coverage is quite tight. It's certainly a nice lens to have in the bag for an occasional 8x10 shot. However, the original poster was asking about recommendations for a 240mm as his ONLY 8x10 lens. That is the reason I recommended the 240mm APO Sironar-S with it's larger usable image circle.

And while it's not a compact, ultralight lens, the 240mm APO Sironar-S isn't that big and heavy ( a little over 2 lbs. with an 86mm front filter size) for an 8x10 lens - especially since the OP would be carrying only this one lens.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras
Kerry, i never took your comment that way at all. You are right about the coverage. It is easy to loose the corners very quickly. It is my only wide for the 8x10 at the moment. Thanks for the nice comment on the image.