Reciprocity math sucks

Here it goes.

I want to take a photo in my son's room.

He is adverse to bright lights so the room is not glowing. I measured the shadows and got an EV of two. I measured the highs and got an EV of 6.

I've never shot anything with this long of an exposure. Using data I found hear(which looked okay to me when I applied it for a 60 second exposure) with efke pl100 a 60 second exposure should be upped to 3'15". Using the dial on my Luna Pro I measured the EV and got an exposure time of 15 minutes placing the shadows on zone 4. DOing the reciprocity math I would be exposing for an hour-ish.

Now factor in a filter, yellow would increase the exposure 2/3 stop and bellows extension another full stop. If I decide to go orange then the exposure is upped 1 1/3 How the long will my exposure end up? For some reason I keep coming up with 3 hours. Can this be right?

I tried brightening things up but the look was no where near what it was before I introduced new lights.

Like I said my brain hurts