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My only fear would be...too many features for this novice printer!!
A Devere 504 is not the usual choice of novices.

If you are starting out then an f-stop timer is your best choice. f-stop printing isn't the complicated way but the simple way - you would be using a timer designed for printing.

Darkroom Automation doesn't make a model for the Devere head, only one that behaves like a plain-old-timer where you plug the head into a 120VAC socket.

I would defer then, to RH, who appears to make a unit for this enlarger.

I believe Devere makes (made?) an adapter cable that plugged into the transtab unit and allowed you to use any timer (including DA's), but you would have to acquire the cable yourself.

I don't know of a combination footswitch/metronome electronic timer. People using this arrangement use a footswitch that turns the enlarger on when depressed and a separate musical metronome. You would have to get hold of the Devere cable to use this option. The footswitch for the Universal timer is (TTBOMK) an electronic model meant for switching a few milliamps at a few volts and only works to trigger the timer cycle. I don't know how the transtab adapter cable works but it may require you to use a footswitch that can control 120V at several amperes.