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Yes, reciprocity in this context is more take than give.

I would suggest, however, that there is probably no need to add a filter - unless you are wanting to adjust how the B&W film renders certain colored objects in the room. I'd shoot it straight.

Your son should be at his desk, of course, and hold perfectly still for the hour (no breathing, now).
My son is two and a half. He doesn't sit still for a portrait at 1/500. A really aggrevating little guy when it comes time to ship a new portrait off to the grand parents. He and his mom are out of town right now that is why I can actually take pictures in the house. If he was there, all photographic equipment would be in serious danger. Especially since he loves to look at the groud glass, push the button on my strobe that makes it fire, look in the wrong side of the lenses and measure the light in every nook and cranny when he sneaks off with the light meter when I am in the field.

Everything I did to my dad's equipment.

I am looking at a filter to seperate an orange hat from a yellow rain slicker. After that I am going to move to the toys.