Had fun over the weekend shot and developed 4 sheets of the Provia 100 that came with the camera.

Lesson 1: Necessity is the mother of invention. The SS Nikor 35mm tanks can be used creatively as a human powered rotary processor. 2 films at a time.

Lesson 2A: A reminder to self, don't try to make Trannies do a negatives job. I set up a shot to take an exposure of my daughter ready for prom against a beautiful blue sky with puffies, put her in open shade, metered with my Seconic 358 and exposed for her face. She came out okay, could have used another 1/2 stop or so but the sky is simply too light.

Lesson 2B: When using Transparency film be prepared to use a strobe, Don't even know if that's possible, or reflectors, or... to control contrast.

Lesson 2C: I need to practice with setting the lens to get the exposure I expect.

Lesson 3:Rushing doesn't work.

Lesson 4:I can crop down to 6x9 to get rid of the distracting trash. I know this is bad practice but for a guy coming from 35mm I'm really amazed just how big the films are. :o