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I recently found a couple of 10x12 Wratten 1A safelights for a few bucks.
Are they safe with modern B&W papers? I have a couple of smaller OC saflelights which work well but thought that the larger 1A's would give better illumination in the darkroom.
I do just that, but I have made ND filters for the safelights, using heat/age damaged B&W paper, which has been developed, fixed, washed and dried. I use a 7-1/2 watt bulb in each fixture, and they hang about 30-inches above my sink.

I also have several 5x7 safelights, with the same home-made ND filters, and use a 4-watt bulb in each. The filters are pieces of old red lithographic masking film, taped to a piece of scrap 5x7 Plexiglas.