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The other person who used a piece of a soda can was closer to the right stuff. Better yet, get yourself some thin brass shim material (available in the U.S. at most places that stock K&S metals, like hardware stores); 0.003 works well.

* Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty of it, contrary to what someone said here, it's actually pretty easy to get a pinhole of a known size. I use a microscope (I have a kid's cheapie one). The trick is to use a gauge to measure the hole size with. I use a few pieces of music wire (guitar strings) of known sizes: 0.009", 0.010", etc. All you need to do is view the hole and the gauge together to get a fairly accurate measurement; from that you can compute the aperture (f-stop) of the pinhole. (To make the pinhole, I use a sewing needle and a piece of hardwood under the metal.)

The soda can sidewall I used was .004 inch thick (one sometimes wonders how they hold the soda in), but for my SQ-Hole body cap adapter, I used 2 mil brass shim stock from indeed, a K&S selection.

From days of mucking about with circuit boards and the like, I have a direct reading microscope that has a scale. The only problem is it's hand held with an angled reflector fitting on the end and a bit tedious to use. I'm pretty convinced my measurements are within .0005, which is close enough.