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Ah, OK. I think you will find that the yellow filter will lighten both the yellow slicker and the orange hat, as both contain yellow. It might lighten the slicker slightly more, however. So, you might try one shot straight, and one with the filter, to be able to compare the degree of separation.

I've often thought that large patches of velcro and super-glue would work wonders when shooting kids, but it's tough to get the mothers to warm up to the idea.
I'm a teacher and one day a couple of years ago I was out sick for a day and my substitute decided he could solve the problem with duct tape. I imagined dact taping these two particular students into their chairs on many occasions but he actually did it. He got fired and one of the mothers slapped him when they were in the principal's office.

mothers don't look too kindly on that whole bondage issue.