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Thank you Martin for the info. This just might be what I am looking for. My only fear would be...too many features for this novice printer!!
The StopClock Pro can be as dumb or smart as you want it to be

It has a linear mode if you want to do printing by whole numbers of seconds in the good old fashioned way we were all taught.

However, it has a really cool f-stop test strip method which is very easy & straight forward.

If you have concerns about the StopClock being too complicated to use - don't - its really logical and intuitive

Richard has a manual for the StopClock on his Web Site - which can be a bit daunting when you read it cold. However, when standing in the darkroom with a piece of paper under the easel it is very straight forward.

RH Designs Web Site - http://www.rhdesigns.co.uk/darkroom/...fessional.html

You could drop Richard an e-mail if you are unsure - he is a really nice friendly chap and can take you through it step by step

The 504 interface lead - its the 5th one in the list http://www.rhdesigns.co.uk/darkroom/...essories1.html

Good luck