Kodak Endura paper was made in 72" width. IDK if it still is, but that was inspired by the Worlds Fair prints that were hung on the sides of a building devoted to such displays. These measured on the order of 20x40 FEET or more and were floodlit. The photos were exposed to so much light, heat and moisture over the summer that they began to fade and were replaced at least twice to my knowledge.

These were commissioned by the Wordl's Fair NY committee IIRC and inspired Kodak to develop wider paper widths.

These photos were said at the time to be the largest ever made. They were stitched together optically using a special horizontal enlarger and wall sized vacuum frame. The negatives were UULF. I do not remember the size, but the back of the enlarger was also nearly room size.

They had a studio camera setup for taking this UULF film. My memory seems to tell me that the film was 20x40 inches or larger.