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I have had communication with a chemical company located IN Adelaide... a couple of years ago, if you google 'chemsupply' they have an online catalogue. Might be quite simple for you if you live there... if you do make contact & pay them a visit, please let me know the address as I'm often in S.A. Maybe you look them up in the phone book & speak directly, I find that the best way with my chem companies contact in the past. They have Silver Nitrate listed... and if they have more than one 'grade' listed, I think the simple 'lab-grade' will do. If they have a minimum quantity only then I may be interested in going shares with you. Chemical companies used to be quite forthcoming back in the early 90's but it seems they've gotten less friendly these days (and suspicious!!) Thats why I think direct contact is good, telling them you're an artist etc etc and you may luck on a sympathetic person!
From the Adelaide Yellow Pages:

Chem-Supply Pty Ltd, 38-50 Bedford St, Gillman SA, 5013.
Phone: (08) 8440 2000.


Consolidated Chemicals Co
14 George St, Green Fields SA, 5107.
Phone: (08) 8285 6822