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Yes, you would think that. I guess it's open to interpretation.
It seems that there were others that allowed you to put a manual focus lens on an AF body. Not necessarily Yashica.
CY is Contax/Yashica mount. Manual focus.
Good morning, John;

Yes, there may be some different interpretation here. There are many lens adapters that allow you to use one type lens on a different type body. Then the converters change the focal length or magnification of a lens. Further more, there are also a few adapter/converters that allow you to use a different lens on body with some magnification thrown in for good measure.

There is a Minolta Adapter/Converter that allows the use of a Minolta SR/MC/MD manual focus lens on a Minolta Auto Focus Maxxum/Dynax body plus giving it a 2X teleconverter also. For the Minolta lenses, you will need to have some glass in the optical path to correct for a difference in lens flange to focal plane mounting distance to allow the manual focus lens to focus at infinity on an auto focus body. Tossing in some magnification just seems like a little extra to have.

I am looking for one of these Minolta 2X Converter/Adapters for use with the Minolta MF lenses on a Minolta AF body.