Hi Sandy

That is exactly how I intend to proceed, I will cold mount thick paper to aluminum , Punch the aluminum and subsequent films and multiple pass.
Once the finished I will peel off the finished print with no adehsive and no aluminum*diabond*
John Bentley uses a method of mylar*melinex* films are reversed and when completed the whole image is squeegeed to thick paper for a beautiful relief which you and I have seen.
This stage drives him insane and has taken years to get the peel apart perfect.
With the aluminum and cold adhesive , it should be more expensive but less hassels and as well the film can all be emulsion right reading.

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Michael said that the prints were not on aluminum. That does not preclude the possibility that the paper is temporarily affixed to aluminum or some other rigid support and then separated once the printing is completed. I believe this is the method used by Keith Taylor in the large color gum prints.

Sandy King