The new Oriental paper is definitely not the same as what you bought years ago. I've made contact prints on the old Seagull which, when developed in Dektol, compare favorably to Azo prints developed in amidol. I still have some of this paper and the resurrected Oriental, while excellent, is not as rich. Also good is the Bergger Silver Supreme, which responds to different developers and dilutions of developer in order to alter contrast.

I'm looking for an enlarging paper which makes the enlargement process easy. Azo has spoiled me in this regard. Constant struggle and the use of sheet after sheet of expensive paper just to get one good work print are a thing of the past for me. Even the most stubbornly difficult negative will produce the print I want with no more than 5 sheets of paper. So, in the end, I'll probably go back to Ilford Multigrade, which so far has enabled me to get the best prints quickly. It also has unique toning properties.