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Uh Oh. That's a very ominous Hee Hee Heeeeee!! I hope you don't mean to imply that the Photography Gods are setting me up!
Nope. Just giddy knowing there's another large format freak wandering the BC woods


P.S. You'll know the benevolent photography gods are on your side when you set up your gear despite the fact you've been hiking all day in the rain, but the scene before you is just too beautiful. Then you go through all the motions of setting up your gear, focusing, composing, deciding on camera movements, metering, deciding on exposure and development, putting the film holder in, pulling the dark slide, cleaning a few raindrops off the lens, winding the shutter, then there's a break in the clouds and your scene is bathed in sunshine. You close the lens down a tad and fire the shutter, then the clouds close in for the rest of the day. More often than not it's the trickster gods who tempt you with some spectacular display only to snatch it away at the last second, leaving you standing there, pathetic, waiting for it all to happen again when you just know it won't