Sorry I didn't see your request later yesterday! The Wegman opening and exhibit are at the David Adamson Gallery on 7th St. NW just a couple doors down from Olsson's Books and Records.

I went to the opening as planned -- Wegman did not show up in the first hour while I was there. However, the prints are stunning! If you have a chance to see this exhibit go, because it can show the amazing print quality that can be achieved through traditional methods.

I shot a roll of Delta 3200 and a roll of Provia 100F. I'll have the Provia images later today. I must admit it was a thrill to slink around and take pictures with my Windsor 151. I shot both instant and bulb settings, often from the hip. Nobody seemed to pay much attention as they thought I must have been a "professional" of some kind.

I'm excited to see the results and I will try to scan a couple of the best transparencies tonight and put them up in the gallery.