A couple .

A nice little Ventura 66 deluxe folder for $25.00. The bellows doesn't appear to leak any light.

Also a 6x9 negative holder for my new Omega enlarger at much less than the $70 I've been seeing around.

A cheap camera bag that looks to be a better fit for my Mamiya 645 "travelling" kit.

A really cheap lens with a Contax/Yashica mount, to enable me to test the Contax 167MT SLR body that I got earlier in the week with a camera case full of other great stuff from the local thrift store for less than $10.00 (I know, that should be in the other thread).

And a replacement lens cap for $1.00.

Actually, I came out ahead - I sold some stuff through the consignment table, and made more money than I spent.


P.S. I looked for Dennis, but didn't see him. I could have looked for you to Dave, but as we've never actually met, I wouldn't have known it if I found you.