Had fun & frustration yesterday.

First, I went and found a fun spot by a hiking/biking trail intersection with a great background of snow capped mountains and gathering clouds.

Was hoping that the day was low enough in contrast for the Provia 100 to do it's magic.

The lesson for the day seems to be translating exposure to the camera.

Two shots were done with a home made pinhole. I had done my pinhole math with "Pinhole Designer". End result, they were both equally (way) over exposed. Nothing but a light yellow ghost of the foreground.

Two more shots were done using my 150mm lens with a Tiffen polarizer that the enclosed paper said needed a two stop offset, these came out equally overexposed.

So, my Seconic meter and I are going to have to have a conversation and it may need to be disciplined by Sekonic's repair department.

I shot the two pinhole shots last.

I set the Sekonic at 25 ISO to offset for the polarizer. I left the meter there when I switched to the pinhole hence the overexposure for the pinhole shots.

That doesn't explain the problem with the 150mm lens.

My guess is that I corrected twice, once at the meter and once at the lens for the two stop offset for the polarizer.

Ah well...