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Michael, don't start that all again.... ;-) Many reasons to use enlarging paper for contact printing. Variable Contrast for a start. Very easy to use Multi Grade filters on an enlarger source or light bulb in fitting to take advantage of MG papers. Lith for another. Don't know if you paper Liths. Now there's an experiment to try. Anyone know any reason why it shouldn't Lith?

We silver chloride paper users vary the contrast with a water bath. No advantage to MG papers there.....unless you need a grade 5!

Silver chloride papers have a very long shelf life.....advantage silver chloride

The OP is using a 6x7 negative, so a 100 sheet box will do for what, something like 1000 prints. Today's MG papers will likely go bad before they are used up. Just something to consider.

I've never tried lith, so I can't answer your question there.