I think it must be time for another APUG gathering in Bath, Ohio. We are five miles south of the Ohio Turnpike and Route 77.

Bob Steckmeyer and Norm Schumm were over the middle of last week to show and tell about our own prints and go see the Edward Weston-Friedlander exhibits at the Akron Art Museum. Bob and Norm were also interested in coming over in May. Shawn Dougherty wrote today asking if we could get together to shoot at the Ritchie or Kendall Ledges. Dorothy Kloss asked a long time ago if we were going to get together in May. Dale Marsh wanted to know if I was available to shoot this week. I think it must be time, but I want to be sure we don’t interfere with Bill Schwab’s bigger gathering at the end of June.

We are available Saturday and Sunday May 30 and 31. If some visitors want to camp by the garden as several did last September, you are most welcome. Come as early as Friday night. Dolly and I will have coffee made each morning and we can gather and talk by the pond. The Lady Labradors will entertain with their splashing stick routines. When we learn how many are coming we can order a porta potty if there are enough to pay for it ($110 last Sept.). If you want we can concentrate on photographing the ledges. I will steal some more Cuyahoga Valley National Park maps.

Show and tell of our prints and dinner out Saturday night. Be aware that Dolly teaches First Grade and school finishes June 9th, so we may not see much of her. All APUGgers are welcome. Who is interested in coming? What information is needed?

John Powers