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Well, John, to start with I suspect that Ilford MGIV is almost a pure chloride, but the Kentmere near equivalent was a Bromide. Kodak's now extinct Polycontrast IV was almost a pure chloride and of course the famous Kodak Endura color and Fuji CA II papers are almost pure chloride in all 3 layers.

I say almost pure in the sense that they use epitaxy in some cases with Iodide to gain speed. I stay away from sulfur or sulfur + gold or tellurium sensitization of these to gain speed due to difficulties, but if I did, I could gain about 3 - 5 stops with my good old Azo type contact paper formula! Some of them even have a small quantity of bromide. In some cases, the other halides are there due to addenda such as Methy Mercuric Iodide (not that that is used, but that is a useful example. )

Of course, the grains are huge being 1 - 2 microns across to gain the speed needed even with those finishes. But, who cares about grain in paper?

Now, do you really think that you would find that on the internet?

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95% of my darkroom photography is contact printing 8x10 or 7x17 on Azo. But, occasionally I'll shoot candid portraits of my friends kids with 35mm. On those occasions it would be nice to have a box of MG paper around to use for such prints without having to worry the paper will go bad prior to going through 1/4 box.

I guess I'll have to put a box of MGIV on my shelf.

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