Well, I can only echo the thanks being given to Neil and Jean for the work they put in to the organization of the weekend. They put together a list of fantastic locations to visit.

It was also great to get together with old faces, and meet some new. The sharing of the photographs is always the highlight of these weekends, and this one didn't disappoint. I hadn't seen Neil and Jean's work before, so it was great to see their wonderful Lith images. Mark's portfolio has grown and he had added some great new work, which is always a pleasure to see. Keith Tapscott's portraits are a joy, no monitor could ever do them justice. Some great stuff from Roger, Ian and Tony as well, the list is endless, apologies if I've missed you.

My highlight was the portfolio of Bill Spears. Truly delightful. I don't think I will ever look at fish the same way again!

Star prize of photo of the weekend is a joint one for me, and it has to go to both Bill's winning untitled still life of a bunch of tulips, which won him the title of Black and white Photography's 'Printer of the Year'(hope I'm right there) and Delphine's image of 'The Natural History Museum' Both truly, truly wonderful photographs.

See you all next spring (or sooner)