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F-stop timing is like fly fishing. A lot of up front resistance, not wanting to let go of what you already know, then trying it, getting over the hump and no going back. Another vote for f-stop printing. It makes dodges and burns more intuitive also.

I saw Fred Picker's video recently (a good deal on DVD at Calumet and well worth watching). He standardized to a series of 3-second exposures which also makes good sense but not my preferred method.

Used timers are cheap. Even if you don't get an f-stop timer, get one with a metronome function so you don't have to watch the clock during dodges and burns.
Agreed. Look at the 'Library' section at my site and scroll down to 'ClockDial' to find the poor-man's f/stop timer! It works with almost any analog timer, turning it into an f/stop timer. Not as convenient as the 'real' thing, but a lot cheaper!