Jerry, I'm sorry to say I don't have any information on servicing the Sinar Pan-Tilt head. You might try contacting John Wimberley by email ( to see if he knows how to service the Pan-Tilt head. John was very helpful to me when I serviced my Sinar Norma recently; he also reviewed the service guide I wrote. I know he uses a Sinar Pan-Tilt head, and services his own equipment where possible, so he may be able to offer some guidance.

Good luck!


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BTW, Philip, do you have similar maintenance info for the Sinar Pan-Tilt head that I got when I bought my Norma (new) in about 1968. Some slight play has developed in the pan when locked, and when not locked it sometimes jams and will not rotate. So I'm thinking of disassembling it to see what's causing all this.