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Was a great weekend despite the RAIN and force 10 storm on the Friday night, James & I couldn't have got wetter if I'd jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed (we were camping)

What a great bunch of people it was a real pleasure to meet you all, I hope the next UK APUG events co-incide with one of my trips back to the UK. Thanks Neil for all your organisation.

I think you have all convinced James to have ago at B&W for himself, if anyone's shootingonDarmoor he'd like to cycle down & meet up.

Ian, there is a book simply titled as DARTMOOR by Ian Robson with photographs by Lee Frost that would be worth a look at if James is interested (ISBN 1-84107-039-4). There are plenty of interesting land marks close to the road side such as the Merrivale stone-rows, Combestone Tor, Widecombe-in-the-moor, Buckland-in-the-moor and Burrator etc, which might be more convenient for cyclist. Some of the places in my B&W photos, were well off the road and not really ideal for cyclist to visit.
If I plan a visit there sometime in future, I will bear in mind meeting up with James.
There will be an exhibition of B&W prints at the Dartmoor visitor centre in the summer by Chris Chapman who was a friend of the late James Ravilious. I am not sure of the dates, but will let you know, as James might be interested in seeing those.