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Ian, there is a book simply titled as DARTMOOR by Ian Robson.
Actually it's Ian Robinson, a good friend and neighbour, for anyone Googling the book. I'm the person he mentions in his introduction who takes him down a mine. As a matter of interest (or perhaps not!) Ian never actually got to meet Lee Frost during the production of the book. Lee Frost never managed to make it for any of the local launches of the book in Tavistock and Plymouth and we used to joke that I could pretend to be him as no-one would know! Ian is an accomplished photographer in his own right, specialising in travel and outdoor writing. He operates his large house as accommodation for large groups of people, usually for a week at a time in the summer, but does also offer weekend accommodation for smaller numbers at weekends out of season. His website can be found at:
http://www.oldminehouse-dartmoor.co.uk/ (if that offends any advertising rules, moderators please remove - I include it for interest).

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