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Even though I *know* it&#39;s not always the case I&#39;ve never known anyone who bought a Hasselblad who didn&#39;t have more money than sense.&nbsp;

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Welcome, harry.

There are viewpoints that one can take where the decision to buy Hasselblads makes sense - at least SOME sense.

Hasselblad does not follow a strategy of planned (read: forced) obsolescence. Even with the introduction of new models, the "old" lenses still fit. I can use lenses and accessories manufactured in the mid 1950&#39;s on my late 1990&#39;s bodies, and on the latest 500 series models. They are even usable (if without the "electric" features) on the 200 series.

Compare that to a certain medium format camera manufacturer who changed their lens mounts on a new model, and the "old" lenses would not fit.

Also, Hasselblads have the highest resale value, and they remian "repairable", physically and therefore financially, for a long, long time.

So musch for reason and intellectualization. I also LOVE the "feel" of these puppies.

But then agian ... I do "Art" photography, and I have found it to be futile to try to link art and "sense" anyway.