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Also but seldom mentioned is the high level of safe
lighting allowed by Graded papers. Graded papers
are blind to GREEN light as well as red. Much
easier to see about and work in a darkroom
safe lighted for Graded paper. Dan
I'm not sure that's universally true. I once tried making two prints with my Philips PCS130 enlarger with PCS150 color head on Slavich Bromoportrait 80 paper. As background, the PCS150 uses three light sources, with red, green, and blue dichroic filters for an additive light source that can be controlled by independently dimming the lights. I did the first exposure with green and blue light and the second one with blue light alone. The second exposure was considerably lighter than the first one, although the exposure times were identical. This indicates that either Slavich Bromoportrait has at least some sensitivity to blue light; or that my blue filter has faded and is letting through at least some green light. I never bothered to investigate beyond this, although perhaps I should -- if my enlarger's filters are faded or defective, I might do well to replace them. I suspect that the paper does have at least some green sensitivity, though, since the boxes I've got bear a warning to use it only under a red safelight. Maybe I'll run a similar test with some Kodak graded paper I've got....