As someone above said, C-41 developed in B&W chemistry negatives do come out a bit flatter in contrast and I find that when printing, I generally start with a #3.5 or #4 filter. Here is a picture from a 5-yr expired (when I shot it) roll of NPH-220, 400 ISO, developed in Diafine. In addition to the orange base, I also had some fog to deal with. This is a negative scan with PS adjustment of the contrast - - the real print of it was made with #4.5 contrast filter, but a VERY LONG print exposure (120 sec at f/4.5).

But since I have multiple backs for my MF camera, I keep a roll of expired C-41 color in one back and then my "real films" in the others and I use it as back-up and for everyday shooting, since it is very cheap to come by. But I have been accused of being a penny pincher (or nickel pincher, in one case...).