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Hi folks,

OK, I have been traveling, working, helping my parents, and buying property in SE Asia for my retirement as a beach bum at 40. No excuses. Yes, my postcards have been sitting by the door now for 3 months or more, my Kodachromes are ready to packaged and sent out and yes, I remember the Polaroids I still owe from a YEAR ago.

I'm back for a week this week - so besides my taxes which I still have to do, I will remember to send out what I have. I know, you've all heard that before. Plus I have 100 or so PMs I have to read - must be angry recipients ... I understand.

My sincere apologies everyone.

Regards, Art.
I have a feeling I may be delinquent on the same Polaroid exchange as you - in fact, we could even owe each other a Polaroid; it's been so long I can't remember!

I made my first print in the new darkroom last weekend, so the hiatus caused by my house move may have finally drawn to a close. I just need to try and remember who I owe what to now...