It is May and that means that it is time to start the next round of the APUG postcard exchange.

I want to say thank you to everyone who was active in round 16 which again was a very good round.

So here is the schedule for this round:

May: sign up
June+July: print and send
August: breather

Now for the routine contents of the sign up note:

Please sign up by sending a PM to me with your name, address (including the country - this is an international exchange) and the number of cards you are able to send or say maximum for the maximum possible number of cards.

Members of the last few rounds can just sign up with the number of cards in this thread since I still have the addresses from the last rounds. As in the last rounds I will post lists of participants in this thread every once in a while. If you signed in (or if you think so) please come back to this thread and check if your name is on the list. If the name should be on the list but is not, then let me know.

Not all participants of the last round have been able to send out the cards. If you have not fulfilled your last rounds commitment, send your cards before you sign in for this round. Just be fair.

I am looking forward to this round.

Now for those new to the postcard exchange, here is how it all works out.

First: It is fun!

Second: When sign up is over, I will prepare address lists which I will PM to the participants. You will have to send a card to every address on that list and you should receive back a card from everyone on that list. So if you sign up for e.g. 20 cards you will have to send 20 cards and you should receive 20 cards back.

Third: Did I mention that it is fun?