Iím an idiot!

I just recently had a mint condition black Yashica Electro GT 35mm rangefinder overhaul cleaned and lubed. I like to use soft releases on the shutter releases. But they have a bad habit of coming unscrewed and lost. When we had a local camera store I could run down and get a new one for buck and a half. Well those days are gone forever, and so thinking I was clever I applied a tiny drop of Elmers glue to the tip of the soft release thread and screwed it into the shutter release. (You know what is coming) , Now it sticks down and will not spring back after firing. I can pull it up but it will not sporing back I have a box full of cameras I tried to ďrepairĒin my attic, so I am not going to make that mistake, unless someone has a simple solution. Other wise itís send it out to a camera repair man .At least Iíll be spared actually having to look the repair man in the face while explaining how dumb it is possible to get.