Sorry for the delay folks..

I decided to begin a new thread to follow the camera around the globe and also to publish the "final FINAL" list..

Blackdog the camera(s) began their journey to you this morning via my trusty local Oifig an Phoist. Inside you will find an envelope with the instructions and the mailing list. Oh and some cameras! Good luck - I have to admit.. the decision to shoot the obvious "cornerstones" shot or the obscure one was a tough one.. I like to think I've gone somewhere in the middle

There were further changes to the finalised list but hopefully we're on the way now without any hitches..

The final list is : -

  1. K_Jupiter (done)
  2. Síle (done)
  3. Blackdog
  4. Catem
  5. SteveSmith
  6. Bjazz
  7. Rst
  8. MartinB
  9. TheBanana
  10. Walter23
  11. Mooseontheloose
  12. Copake_Ham
  13. ShawnRahmen
  14. Jnanian
  15. Tiberiustibz
  16. TimGray
  17. Cdholden
  18. FilmSprocket
  19. mrmekon
  20. Athanasius80
  21. Guissimo
  22. Largely
  23. Sidearm
  24. Flatulent1
  25. Lmn
  26. Síle (back home)

Good luck everyone and above all.. enjoy the exchange