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...This means any time I have asked an instructor to confirm it, or heard anyone ask someone whose technical knowledge I trust. (The Efke data sheet is one of these sources.)...
In the past you have described yourself as a student. One of the most valuable lessons you will learn, although perhaps not right away, is to rely absolutely only on technical knowledge you've verified personally. Instructors, data sheets and all other information sources are best questioned rather than accepted as is.

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...Do you have anything to argue about besides semantics?...
Semantics is the study of meaning. Posters here and on other forums participate using words. If we don't consider the meaning of what is written, very little real communication results. My posts in this thread were intended to illuminate, not to argue.

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...But don't waste our time by being a pedantic troll and picking apart my every word looking for errors...
This highlights two things you may need a few more decades to learn. First, personal attacks from a defensive crouch are inappropriate, especially when the target's comments and posting behavior in no way fit the epithet used. Second, emotional reactions to constructive input can blind one to the value of what's being said. Reiterating, my posts were meant to point out the value of questioning everything. Pedagogy, not pedanticism. They weren't made, as a troll would make them, to simply pick apart your words.

Good luck as you progress on your journey through life. Really!